Bali authorities in Bali stopped being nice guy, and start to commend harsher restriction with foreign nationals whose now a subject to immediate deportation if they be caught violating health protocols on the island. The announcement came after President Joko Widodo ordered the strictest restrictions as the country has seen rising in  covid wave during the pandemic

Health protocol violations may include not wearing a mask in public, seen in public areas, and hosting crowded gatherings. There will be fines of IDR1 million (US$68.71) for those found without masks and take leisure drive on the island.

Unfortunately, enforcement of the rules is evidently easier said than done, as officials appear to be softening their stance during times of tighter restrictions. At a café in Canggu, officials found at least 14 foreigners were caught without masks . Eleven people were either sanctioned with a written warning, fines, or had their passports seized. Only three were taken to immigration and may face deportation.