Two emergency COVID hospitals in Bali began operating today, 19 July 2021, among buildings that Indonesian officials recently converted into a healthcare facility to address the surge in coronavirus cases.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) has reportedly transformed Wisma Werdhapura in Denpasar and Wisma Bima in Badung into emergency hospitals, as COVID-19 cases escalate rapidly in the province and across Indonesia. The ministry said there are 121 intensive care unit (ICU) beds in Werdhapura, but has yet to provide more information for Bima.

The hospital occupancy in Bali has more than doubled since late June, when covid case arise with Bangli, Buleleng, and Klungkung regencies now at 100 percent occupancy on their ICU. The provincial government’s data shows in Bali’s existing hospitals, almost seventy percent bed ⁠are currently occupied.

Previously, the two Wisma was a government facility of self-isolation for asymptomatic covid patients or they who have mild symptoms.