Kawan Lama Group, the parent company of Ace Hardware, is now putting the detail and finishing touches on their upcoming mega-shopping center, The Living World Mall in Denpasar. The Mall is set for completion in end of 2022. Despite the prevailing economic conditions in Bali and the rest of Indonesia, the developer is confident that they will open the Mall as scheduled.

The Company Director Sugiyanto revealed that Living World Denpasar would focus on the “home living” segment with tenants, including ACE Hardware, INFORMA, Kirsbow, Toys Kingdom, and Pet Kingdom. Sugiyanto said the success of The Living World Mall is also supported by a location that is close to residential areas and the main arterial highway in Bali.

The final finishing and addition of architectural accents now underway, according to the developers, will create a Mall that reflects the cultural richness and diversity of Bali.

On the other side, IKEA is now launching their first Bali store on 18th November 2021. The store, which is located in Central Park Kuta, was establish in the previous Giant supermarket.