The announcement came from Minister of Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment, who also point that visitors need to undergo minimum 8 days quarantine upon arrival. He also stressed that visitors must have been vaccinated against COVID-19. All visitors must have the itinerary for selection hotel for quarantine, and be prepared to follow health protocols and procedures established by the Indonesian Government.

There are several countries Indonesia will be open to: South Korea, China, Japan, [United Arab Emirates], and also New Zealand.

Bali also prioritize four foreign countries based on their length of stay in Bali: the USA, the UK, Germany, and Russia whose citizens stay approximately two weeks in Bali. The market segments are targeting are tourists who stay longer and have a high level of spending.

However, an economist from the Center of Reform on Economics (CORE Indonesia), Yusuf Rendy Manilet,  noted that reopening foreign tourism may not result in a quick economic recovery, as an uptick relies on positive public health developments within the country and around the region.

At the moment, more than 2,000 hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions in Bali have earned the government’s Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability Certification (CHSE). On the local level, the government has enacted a wide-ranging inoculation program for Island residents and established special tourism “green zones” with rigorous measures to ensure they remain free of the virus.