As per today, Mount Agung still showing some quantity of white and greyish ask with 300-1500 m height coming from the volcano crater. As such, PVMBG still put Mount Agung in high warning level.

The low flow of guest has been talked for some months by Bali tourism activist. Numbers of airlines still postponed their trips to Bali even after the airport is open on 29th November 2017. Most of the visitors having second thought of coming to Bali due to unpredictable nature of Mount Agung as they doesn’t want to take risks of stranded because of flight cancellation due to ash cloud. Most hotels, restaurants, and tour suffer big loss because December is peak season and they harvest most tourist around New Year time.

Meanwhile, more than 100,000 locals who lives around Mount Agung already take shelters and leaving their pets and possessions behind. Wild animal reported to have starvations, and pet dog is become wild and scramble for food.

Picture Source : Tribunnews