Indonesian government is in working on a plan to send thousands of their Jakarta-based civil servants to work remotely from Bali, in a gamble to help the economy of the tourism-reliant island rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The eligible employees at seven ministries will be overseen by the office of the coordinating minister for maritime affairs and investment. They include workers at the energy ministry, the public works ministry and the transportation ministry, in efforts to create demand so that hotels and restaurants in Bali can survive. Deputy for Tourism and Creative Economy at the minister’s office, told reporters that Bali’s vaccination rate is currently the highest and fastest among Indonesia’s provinces to make sure that Bali is safe to visit.

The ministry added that the government is preparing policies and telecommunications infrastructure to help Bali catch up with the rising trend of digital nomads — a loose group of remote workers and freelancers who travel the globe and earn a living anywhere as long as there is fast and reliable internet connection. This includes a plan for long-term visa arrangements.