Today is the 8th day after the red warning of Mount Agung activity. But the soon-expected mountain is once more showing very calm attitude with very thin white ash coming out from the top. What is going on?

PVMBG team stated that there are two probability for the calm attitude. The first is, that the lava flow is weakening it’s speed. And the second is that the lava flow is been clogged by the cold lava around the path. And up till now, the crater isĀ filled 50% by lava and PVMBG predicted the crater will be filled by lava in 10 days from now.

Meanwhile, animal lovers reported about the abandoned pet and hungry monkeys around Pura Pasar Agung, 5 kilometers from Mount Agung. Plant and trees reported withered exposed by sulfur. 7000 refugees from area around 10 kilometers from Mount Agung advised to have self-evacuated, stays in emergency tents. They in needs of food stock, warn blankets and medical aid, and more tent. You can make donations through banjar and help center around Bali.

image source: tribunnewsbali