Where to Valentine?

Where to Valentine? 14 February telah tiba! Para couples, silakan pergi ke tempat manapun di Bali...

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Bali Rain

Bali is renowned as endless summer island, where the sun is always shining in Bali’s holiday...

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Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park is a nice choice to avoiding the overcrowded Kuta and spend the day with the nature and its animals.

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Gang Poppies; The History

Known as the center of “cheap” inn and warungs with walking distance to the renowned Kuta beach, Poppies lane, or gang Poppies is a must-go especially for budget travelers. Even in Bali, little of them know the history of gang Poppies which existed even when Kuta was all but coconut fields.

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Beachwalk Mall Bali

The most happening place in Bali is here: Bali Beach Walk. A serious hotel / shop / amusement centre / dining just along Kuta beachfront. Yup, this place will cover all you need for shopping / entertainment / dining in 3.7 hectares along 250-meter stretch facing the ever crowded Jalan Pantai Kuta.

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