Today at 10:47 am Bali time, BMKG issued a Tsunami warning through SMS.

“Peringatan Dini Tsunami di JATIM NTB BALI NTT JATENG Gempa Mag:8.5 04-Jun-21 10:14:45WIB Lok:10.50LS 114.80BT Kdlmn:10Km::BMKG”

This raised panic among some residents in Bali because the mentioned magnitude is very high. However, it also sparks some curiosity since Tsunami warning is usually issued after an earthquake, and there’s no earthquake near Bali is recorded earlier today while the mentioned coordinates are pointing to a dot in the Indian Ocean, around 187km south of Jimbaran, Bali. Also, the message mentions that the predicted earthquake/tsunami will occur on June 4, which is about 1 week from today (5/27).

Balipost, as they wrote on their website, contacted a spokesperson at BMKG Wilayah III Denpasar, Brian Eko Permadi, to confirm the SMS warning. Brian mentioned that it was most likely caused by a system error, and BMKG already investigating and coordinating with Kominfo (Department of Communication and Information).

Around 15 minutes from the first SMS, BMKG sent another SMS, stating that the first message was indeed an error.

Mohon maaf terjadi kesalahan system pengiriman TEST–Peringatan Dini Tsunami di JATIM NTB BALI NTT JATENG …::BMKG

Luckily, the mentioned ‘prediction’ date is a week later. Though it still caused panic for people who did not read the message carefully.