When we talk about Sunday, it is luxury. Spare time, relax time, snuggling in bed, cleaning time, and sometimes family time. But if you want to have one or two round of simple jogging in the morning, one place to recommend is the Puputan Square.

This 138.800 m2 open area is always full of people on Saturday to Sunday, but mostly on Sunday morning. Many people use this ground for exercise, small jog to parkour. Walk the dogs to football training. Some people use the crowd as gathering spot. Companies do promotion for their products. Some other simply sells food, from fresh fruit to nasi pecel. The younger people use this place as place for hang out.

This place is car free from 06:00 AM to 10:00 AM. No car and motorcycle allowed around this area. And this cause traffic to little streets around the place. Please be careful as Puputan square becomes very crowded around 09:00 to 10:00 AM. Many people comes just for visit, or hang out until blocking some part of the road (things which makes you, a serious runner, feel annoyed to). But that’s that. Come earlier to have a nice, fresh air and nice exercise. And come little bit late for sight seeing.